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Dan P. Ames

Daniel P. Ames

Professor, Water Resources Engineering and Geospatial Technologies
Full-Time Faculty

430I EB
Provo, UT 84606


Ph.D., Utah State University, 2002 Professional Summary

Professional Summary

Classroom Instruction


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

62.      Choi, Y.D., Goodall, J.L., Sadler, J.M., Castronova, A.M., Bennett, A., Li, Z., Nijssen, B., Wang, S., Clark, M.P., Ames, D.P. and Horsburgh, J.S., 2020. Toward Open and Reproducible Environmental Modeling by Integrating Online Data Repositories, Computational Environments, and Model Application Programming Interfaces. Environmental Modelling & Software, vol. 135, art. 104888.

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Books, Book Chapters, and Magazine Articles

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Original Software

  • PVMapper/PVDesktop – Software for site selection, comparison, and design of large-scale photovoltaic solar energy production installations (see
  • LineSiter – Software for finding least cost optimal paths through GIS and Social Survey data for the placement of high voltage power lines (see
  • MAD – Community software for enabling inverse modeling using the Method of Anchored Distributions (see
  • HydroDesktop – This is an NSF funded element of the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System for hydrologic data search, download, visualization and analysis (see
  • Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources (BASINS) 4.0 – Extending and enhancing this watershed modeling system under EPA funding (see
  • MapWindow GIS Application and Programming Tools – 250,000 downloads, 9000 opt-in mailing list subscribers, users in >40 countries (see
  • Low Flow Calculator – Used to estimate 7Q10 low flow/drought return periods.