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Contribute to CEEn

Overall Statement
Alumni and friends of the Civil and Environmental Engineering department have made generous contributions for many years. In the early 1990’s the Civil and Environmental Engineering Scholarship Society was created to assist in raising funds for student development opportunities. “It has been gratifying to see thousands of students who have been financially assisted through this effort. As student needs continue to expand beyond available scholarship funds, the Board is determined to continue seeking donations…The department hopes that each alumni will support this effort to whatever level possible. It is a wonderfully worthwhile cause to help young people reach their goal of entering our beloved profession.”

Scholarships and Mentorships
Many students greatly benefit from scholarship assistance. Scholarships help students with their educational endeavors and often help in the support of themselves and their families. Mentorships provide great research experience, hands on learning, and close guidance from faculty and advisors.

Study Abroad
Study abroad programs provide students with life influencing international experiences. They give students the opportunity to use their knowledge and technical engineering skills, interact with individuals from other cultures, and observe first-hand the challenges and triumphs of countries around the world.

Club Travel (Design Competitions)
Students who are members of one or more of the Civil and Environmental Engineering department clubs have wonderful opportunities to travel to regional and national conferences and events. These opportunities most often involve knowledge based and technical skill competitions and chances to interact and develop connections with students and faculty from numerous colleges and universities.

Other (looking forward)
With the needs in the world for innovative and creative solutions not only for todays but tomorrows complex challenges, it is an exciting time to continue and/or begin finding ways to enhance the educational experiences of Civil and Environmental Engineering students. There are many ways to contribute to students’ learning and growth.

To explore possibilities and/or establish a new endowment ($60,000.00 minimum endowment size, no maximum), please contact Jim Trent in the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering office. Or visit the link to Mimi Hanks and Jim Trent's contact webpage: Click Here.

To contribute to an exisiting funding source DONATE HERE.